Paul Wilson, CEO / Co-Founder

Paul Wilson, Founder of Hurd.ai, has been a major driving force behind the company due to his personal experience with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD). APD is a condition that can disrupt the brain’s ability to process sound, leading to difficulties in listening, particularly in noisy environments.

Paul’s personal experience with ADP has been the driving force behind his commitment to creating innovative solutions that address accessibility issues. His understanding of the challenges faced by individuals with APD has fueled his determination to make a positive impact in the classroom and beyond.

Over the past nine years, Paul has demonstrated his leadership skills by successfully leading software engineering teams and delivering working software. He has collaborated directly with founders to bring products to market, navigated engineering teams through periods of rapid growth, and spearheaded complex multi-team projects.

With a strong technical foundation in software development and expertise in languages such as Typescript, Python, and Ruby, Paul is an active individual contributor and seasoned technical leader.

Prior to his role at Hurd.ai, Paul made significant contributions at Sendoso, a b2b gifting platform, where he built and managed teams responsible for e-gift sending, integrations, and marketplace experiences. He successfully led the transition of a monolithic system to a microservice architecture and implemented critical initiatives such as incident response programs and fraud prevention measures.

At Quid, a natural language processing company, Paul served as a tech lead, collaborating with cross-functional teams composed of product, data science, and engineering professionals. Through his leadership, he played a pivotal role in bringing two products to general accessibility, actively incorporating user feedback and continuously iterating to achieve incremental enhancements.

Paul’s personal journey with APD, accompanied by his leadership experience and technical expertise, demonstrates his passion for driving accessibility and leveraging NLP advancements to achieve meaningful impact. With a passion for pushing boundaries and a commitment to making a positive impact, Paul continues to lead the way in creating transformative solutions for individuals facing accessibility challenges.

Kevin Middleton, Advisor

Kevin Middleton, a co-founder now serving as an advisor, is a passionate advocate for harnessing the power of AI to explore what’s possible and enhance daily life. His commitment to leveraging AI stems from a deep understanding of the diverse challenges learners face, and he is dedicated to using AI to push the boundaries of what can be achieved in learning and beyond.

With a decade of experience in the SaaS industry, Kevin excels in product management, crafting compelling roadmaps, overseeing product lifecycles, and using data analysis to inform decision-making. His strong communication and collaboration skills are pivotal in driving cross-functional team leadership and addressing complex problems, all while fostering a culture of innovation.

Believing in AI’s transformative capabilities, Kevin explores the potential of AI to revolutionize various aspects of daily life. He envisions an AI-driven future where personalized support, streamlined tasks, and augmented human capabilities make AI a trusted assistant. With a focus on inclusivity and innovation, Kevin empowers individuals to embrace the possibilities of AI-driven technologies through Hurd.ai.