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Capture every word of lectures, meetings, and conversations with Focus on what’s being said while takes notes, tags, and summarizes transcripts for you.

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Be. Here. Now.

Focus on being in the moment with Stay present and attentive to what’s being said without worrying about taking notes or missing key points.

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Completely free to use!

Other popular services charge by the minute or have usage limits. allows unlimited recordings without restriction.

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Synthesize data quickly.

Harness the power of AI machine learning technology to convert audio files into searchable text you can highlight, filter, and group. is here to help

Save time and energy while automatically titles, tags, and summarizes transcripts for you. Use the inline editing tool to add to your transcript.

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Automated Transcription

Automatically transcribe, organize, and summarize meetings and conversations so you can focus on actively listening.

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Import Audio & Video supports a variety of audio and video file formats, including MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI, and M4A.

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Audio Playback

Replay audio at any point within the transcript with a simple click to review specific sections as needed.

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Use Across Devices

For iPhone users with iCloud enabled, easily import your files with just one click.

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Multiple Languages supports Arabic, English, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, and 90 additional languages.

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Preview & Edit

Use the inline editing tool and pause/play shortcut keys to easily review and edit your transcribed text.

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Keep Data Private

Unlike other transcription apps, your personal audio files and transcripts never leave your local machine.

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Export & Integrations

Copy your transcript, export it to Apple Notes, or download the text as a CSV file.

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